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Jump Client Removal Tool

Request for a Jump Client removal tool that a user can select which Jump Clients to remove from their Rep Console/Systems. If possible, I think some good options would be:

-Filter date the Jump Clients were last accessed (ie: Jump Clients that haven't been accessed from 1/1/15 to 2/1/16) and only select those for removal

-Filter User/Service mode Jump Clients

-Filter Duplicate Jump Client names

-Filter by tag/version/comments/OS/Status etc

  • Guest
  • May 24 2017
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  • Guest commented
    30 Aug 02:09pm

    I agree with the previous commenter. If it sees two jump clients with the same MAC, only take the newest one and auto-delete the older entry. We have duplicate entries as well because when a pc gets imaged, the old entry isnt being removed.

  • Guest commented
    1 Jun 02:28pm

    This is a big one for larger organizations like Universities. We image thousands of computers each year, and as of now, we have to manually delete each "old" entry. It would be great to have some way of removing the old one. For instance, if the appliance see's two jump clients listed for the same computer's mac address, it removes the older entry from the database automatically.

  • Guest commented
    25 Jan 02:35pm

    This would be a welcome feature. We support a classroom environment where many endpoints are reimaged all at once, and the field techs who initiate that process don't always let us know when that's happening. And then one day we are out of JC licenses...

  • Guest commented
    4 Aug, 2020 10:49pm

    We are also interested in the removal of duplicated hostnames as well. Overtime the same machine are being re-imaged multiple times. Every time a machine is re-imaged, a duplicated hostname is added, making it time consuming to manually remove all duplicate hostnames using the Rep Console.

  • Guest commented
    18 Sep, 2018 01:34pm

    Fiducia GAD are also asking for such a feature. In particular, they are interested in the removal of duplicates.

  • Guest commented
    31 Oct, 2017 05:22pm

    Applicable to other clients such as Rep/Access Consoles and Bomgar Buttons