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End-Customer ChromeOS support enhancements

Series of improvements to how we support end-customers running ChromeOS. This includes things like the ability to control (as of 17.1 it's view only), see system info, etc. Reference idea "Chrome OS Customer support" for the original feature.

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  • Jun 14 2017
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  • Guest commented
    3 May, 2018 01:07pm

    It appears that the current Chrome extension does indeed support installation on unmanaged Chrome profiles.  I did so myself by following the direct link to the extension:

    However it would be really neat to have inline installation, perhaps the equivalent of "elevating" a Chrome OS device is inline prompting for installation of the Chrome extension:

    It also appears that the existing extension does indeed work in Google Chrome for non-Chrome OS devices (i.e. Windows) so long as a support session is initiated from Chrome with a user agent string which indicates a supported Chrome OS device.  It would be really handy if Bomgar's detection and usage of the Chrome extension did not rely on the user agent indicating a Chrome OS device, as this would allow "agentless" view-only screen sharing initiated from a chat session.

    Lastly, it would be really handy if our portal page logic supported this chrome extension from non-click-to-chat sessions.  I.E. if a customer calls a helpdesk and gets a session key, the session key box must be configured for full client sessions (which is pretty atypical).  Instead, the "full client" logic should detect "if Chrome OS, start a chat session only since we may have the extension installed."  As it stands now, we need to actually create two separate portals to support this - one where session key is set to full client session, and one where session key is set to click to chat (which on Chrome OS allows screen sharing, and is confusing).

  • Guest commented
    27 Oct, 2017 03:35pm

    Use case: We deploy Chromeboxes at retail stores and one of the business applications does not support configuration via the Chrome Management Console, and so one of our techs has to remote into the Chromebox to configure that app.

    With view-only access the tech has to guide the user through the app configuration which can be complex and cumbersome.