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Ability to cut & paste and drag & drop file transfer

Easier file movement in File Transfer Tab

Need the ability to cut, copy, and paste files and folders from one location on Remote Endpoint pc to another location on the same pc.

Sometimes bandwith is hard for screensharing.  

Example Cut files from client Documents folder and paste into their Pictures folder doing it all in the File Transfer Screen.

Drag/Drop Files

Drag files from tech's machine (e.g. desktop, Windows Explorer) directly to the Rep Console. If on screen sharing, puts file on the customer's desktop. If directly to File Transfer tab, the file could be placed in a specific folder

Also, dragging files *from* the Rep Console - likely just from File Transfer tab - to tech's desktop, Win Explorer window etc.

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  • Oct 3 2017
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    4 May 03:07am

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  • Guest commented
    30 Nov, 2017 08:45pm

    The two merged ideas are to have the drag/drop for the desktop while in screen-sharing, to be clear we want this for (since it's merged) BOTH Screenshare and JUST File-Transfer. Not JUST one or the other.