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Costumer Client:: The user agreement; usabilitiy issues

The  user agreement window  doesn’t raise as topmost (not in focus). End-User always has to click. Especially blind people do have a problem with this.

The radio button texts (in german) are too complicated. User don't understand the difference between the two sentences.

The text should be customizable.

  • Guest
  • Oct 23 2017
  • Planned
  • Nov 18, 2017

    Admin response

    Thanks for submitting these issues. We are considering the first two items (customer agreement focus and German language text) bugs and have been submitted to our engineering team for improvement. The customizable text introduces a level of complexity we think we can avoid with better text. Tune into our product release blog for updates.

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  • Guest commented
    2 Jul 07:40am

    Btw, the customer agreement page on iOS shows just two buttons "Akzeptieren" and "Ablehnen" already. That's wonderful.
    Just on Windows we still see the long answers with the "more difficult" radio-buttons.
    So if you could make this iOS-page default for Windows as well, this would help us a lot and do the trick..

  • Guest commented
    1 Jul 11:24am

    If you should keep the radio buttons, then at least the un-checked radio button should be greyed out. Then the customers could better understand that these are radio-buttons. ;-)

    E.g. you could add $(':radio:not(:checked)').attr('disabled', true);

  • Guest commented
    1 Jul 10:43am

    The use of radio buttons - as well as the German text - are too complicated.
    Could we please just have two buttons "Accept" ("Annehmen") and "Reject" ("Ablehnen")?

    The radio buttons are really not easy to understand for many customers.

    Also the two German text-options are misleading, very similar and quite long.

    If you start the sentence with "Ich stimme..." they suggest, this means to accept, but in BeyondTrust Remote-Support it means to not accept:

    "Ich habe die oben stehenden Bedingungen gelesen und stimme ihnen zu."
    "Ich stimme den oben stehenden Bestimmungen nicht zu."

    Also in the first option you agree to "Bedingungen" and in the second option you disagree to "Bestimmungen".

    If it really should be to difficult to change from radio buttons to text buttons, then please change the text to "Annehmen" and "Ablehnen" in the first step - this would help us a lot and would make all German customers more satisfied!