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Official Support for OpenSUSE Leap

OpenSUSE Leap is a popular Linux distribution (#10 in the distrowatch rankings), and is in very widespread use in Europe, especially Germany.

  • Guest
  • Mar 28 2018
  • Under evaluation
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  • Guest commented
    16 Jul, 2018 03:02pm

     I need to install Bomgar on OpenSuse Leap 15, but I get errors running the install script :


    ./bomgar-rep-installer.desktop: line 1: [Desktop: command not found
    ./bomgar-rep-installer.desktop: line 4: -f: command not found
    ./bomgar-rep-installer.desktop: line 8: Representative: command not found
    ./bomgar-rep-installer.desktop: line 9: Representative: command not found
    ./bomgar-rep-installer.desktop: line 16: X-DBUS-ServiceName=: command not found
    ./bomgar-rep-installer.desktop: line 17: X-DBUS-StartupType=: command not found
    ./bomgar-rep-installer.desktop: line 18: X-KDE-SubstituteUID=false: command not found
    ./bomgar-rep-installer.desktop: line 19: X-KDE-Username=: command not found
    ./bomgar-rep-installer.desktop: line 22: [X-Bomgar: command not found
    ./bomgar-rep-installer.desktop: line 24: : command not found



    Bob Perez (