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Add ability to assign a default portal to a user or group

Today, we have two different teams using the same instance of Bomgar, each with its own portal because they're serving different customers. When starting a new session with a customer, team two agents must remember to click the drop-down in the web console to select the correct portal otherwise the link sent to the customer will take them to the wrong website - a bad CX for a customer who is already frustrated that they've needed to call tech support for their new item, a legal risk for my company since the wrong customer agreement will be shown if the agent doesn't realize their mistake, and a reporting issue. 

  • Guest
  • Apr 18 2018
  • Released
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  • Guest commented
    9 Jul, 2019 02:27pm

    We have asked for this for a different license pool of users. Please release

  • Admin
    Jonas Outlaw commented
    17 Aug, 2018 12:42pm

    Yes, Jaime that could be possible, but not using virtual directories. As long as the DNS entry pointed back to the Bomgar appliance, it would respond back to the specific portal.


    You could have a different sub domain for the second portal - for main and for the second portal. 


    You could have a new domain for the second portal - for main and for the second 

  • Guest commented
    19 Jul, 2018 05:15pm

    i am working on adding another portal for a different group in my company, however i am under the impression that i would be able to simply add a second public portal and assign a DNS entry to it, is this not the case? i.e. for main and for second portal?

  • Guest commented
    18 Apr, 2018 10:54pm

    Depending on the level of effort associated with this change, we would be at least temporarily content if the agent's last selection was stored as their first choice when they click 'start a new session'.