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Got an idea for a new feature? Maybe a tweak to make something work even better? Wish there was an integration with another product to make you even more productive? You've come to the right place.

The Product Ideas Portal lets you submit whatever product feedback you have, good, bad, ugly, and anywhere between.

Want to stay anonymous? Don't worry, no email address or name fields are shared on the public portal. You can create an account which lets you vote on other people's ideas and receive updates when your idea's status changes.

To learn more about how an idea becomes a feature, check out this infographic.

More options for Blocking External Resources

Currently when the following option below is enabled the Public portal is in a default state without any customizations however in it's default state there is a link for Bomgar. We would like to have this setting enabled but not have a link to Bomgar. So if this settings is enabled there should be some more options to somewhat customize links. 

Enabling this causes the Public Site to send the Content-Security-Policy HTTP header with a value of default-src 'self'. This header asks browsers not to allow your Public Site to load resources - e.g. images, scripts, stylesheets, fonts - from any other websites, to prevent inline scripts from running, and to ignore inline CSS styles. You should not enable this if you have customized your Public Site template to use external resources, inline scripts, or inline styles. This setting requires the "Force Public Site to Use HTTPS" setting to be turned on above.

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  • May 9 2018
  • Future consideration
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