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fix an issue in Inventory Import Designer in Eagle system

Issue is: When you choose file type "Comma Delimited" and then try to open a file, the file type automatically switches over to "Custom Delimited". (It does the same when you select Tab Delimited first as well. Also if you leave it on the default of Fixed Length and try to open a file it automatically switches to Tab Delimited) My work around solution for this for years (at least 6 or 7 now) has been to select custom delimited first and then select comma delimited and then open the file. It is a habit for me that I don't even think about anymore & I realize this is just one extra click and not the end of the world, however when it comes to training other people it makes no sense to them why you have to click 2 different things. So, my big idea is to allow you to click on the one you want and to not have it switch to something else. In turn this will allow training to make sense to other users. If there is a reason for why it switches from the selection chosen, if you could share this with me so I can explain this while training, that would also be helpful. I am not sure that this is the proper format to address this issue but do not have time today to put in a call to the help desk. Or if there is a different format for suggestions you could let me know. Thank you!

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  • Sep 27 2018
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