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Allow multiple approvals with overlapping timeframes for one distinct endpoint

As a manufacturing company I need to approve access for multiple external vendors to one distinct endpoint (e.g. a Terminal Server or Linux system) with overlapping times in order to allow my different service providers to work on the same Jump Host.

For managability reasons, the target system must not be created multiple times, even not in different Jump Groups.

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  • Aug 28 2017
  • Under evaluation
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  • Guest commented
    25 Jun 08:36am

    Currently have one jump client restricted to a certain file location to protect the server, however need multiple users to access at the same time - minimum of 2 but ideally 3/4.
    If we could allow multiple users to connect to a single jump client this would resolve this issue.

    My workaround for multiple jumps to a server using 1st connection jump client and 2nd connection with RDP won't even work in this situation as you cannot limit access to a single file location with RDP session.

    Needs resolving asap! as we have suppliers refusing to use the software due to this limitation which may mean we need to switch product which would be a shame.

  • Guest commented
    16 Jun 08:36pm

    We need this functionality enabled as the workarounds (below) cause licensing issues for us.

    1. create duplicate jump methods (not ideal uses an extra PRA license)

    2. Change the policy from "Requestor Only" --> "Anyone permitted to request" (This also causes concern with licensing on the system they are logging into as we only have a limited number and if their whole team logged in at once we would have issues)

  • Guest commented
    25 Mar 09:28am

    When is this going to be rolled out?

  • Guest commented
    8 Mar 08:19am

    Without this feature it isnt even viable to implement long term approval policies of over a day, unless you feel like creating one jump item per vendor. And we dont.

  • Guest commented
    8 Mar 08:18am

    I am in Fintech and I sorely need this feature. This is a make or break for us.

    This about the compliance benefits - you could set up just one jump point for many users and enforce a reapproval process for them every.. say 12 months.

  • Guest commented
    21 Dec, 2020 03:19pm

    This would be great for us as well!

  • Guest commented
    28 Sep, 2020 09:42am

    I need this too... (manufacturing company as well)

  • Guest commented
    21 May, 2019 07:59pm

    Same with us, we have a lots of external contractors with multiple techs, and any one could be on a server that's managed by that consulting company - multiple bookmarks for one server just to manage approvals isn't feasible. 

  • Guest commented
    2 Mar, 2018 09:15am

    As another manufacturing customer we Need this Feature, too.