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Allow Idle Timeout and Session Timeout to be set per Group Policy

We have a few different groups that require different timeout settings. Having the ability to set Timeout Policy's and Security Policy's per group Policy as opposed to one global setting for everyone would be useful. 

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  • May 22 2018
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  • Guest commented
    29 Oct, 2020 06:05am

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  • Guest commented
    6 May, 2019 03:49pm

    Looking for the same thing. We have various support groups, some of which perform patching and may stay inactive far longer than our standard 2nd/3rd shift. We want to keep the regular shift honest with the licensing count, but still need extended times for both the session and user timeout for a certain group. The ability to override the global security settings for sessions would be great.

  • Guest commented
    18 Feb, 2019 09:15pm

    Yes, this would absolutely be helpful for us in using Bomgar to fulfill all remote control needs within the company.  Right now we have several "command centers" where personnel are remotely signed into 8-10 machines simultaneously via RDP for remote ticketing and monitoring.  We wanted to replace this RDP functionality with Bomgar but there are varying periods of time where there is no activity on those remote systems and personnel would need to sign in constantly if they are forced to use the same universal 15 minute session inactivity timeout as the rest of the company.  Giving those users a unique session timeout policy would help tremendously in this scenario. As it stands Bomgar offers no value for them and they will continue to use RDP because we can't set the universal timeout to 12 hours as they need due to obvious security concerns. 

  • Guest commented
    25 Jan, 2019 02:27pm

    It would also be very useful to be able to control this separately for Embassies.