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Vault credentials selection options in access console

We have hundreds of endpoints and hundreds of generic credentials set up in our PAM solution, nothing is AD joined.
As a result, the discovery cannot be used and we have no way to link our existing endpoint (almost all jump clients) with credentials.
We setup credentials in such a way the name of the credential and the endpoint match.
Every new session is challenging as the selection of credentials in the access console is quirky because of the scrolling behavior.
Furthermore we notice that not all credentials are shown despite the fact that they are setup in the vault as seen in the webinterface.
Some suggestions to improve on this:
-Allow for a filter text input box, basicallly for any field where you potentially have hundreds of items (credentials/jump groups/teams/...)
-Auto propose a credential by trying to match endpoint name with credential name, in our case this would auto select the proper credential
-Fix the credential fetching code so that all the credentials that are accessible are shown (now some are omitted)
-Endpoints in the vault should also populate based on jump clients already existing in the system, that would allow for manually linking credentials in case a discovery is not possible

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  • Jan 22 2019
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  • Guest commented
    3 May, 2019 06:55am

    We are also using PAM to access our installations at our customers. Problems is that appliance is in our own network, and not within the customers network, so discovery is not an option at all.

    We manually have to add endpoints, and when doing this, there is no option to associate endpoints with servers or jump groups, so everything is just one big mess.

    We really need to see an improved Vault! Also the very first Vault that was build for Remote Support actually worked as a standalone password manager. We need this back asap! In PAM. Otherwise we still need both Vault and an second password manager. This is a no go.

    So please, do something and develop a mature Vault.