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Edit Jump Client appearance in system tray

Customer would like the ability to edit the appearance of the jump client icon in the system tray

  • Guest
  • Aug 17 2016
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  • Guest commented
    22 Feb 09:38pm

    Has there been any headway to this idea? I see it's been open since 2017, and has had a few ideas merged into this idea.

  • Guest commented
    24 Oct, 2017 05:08pm

    I'm not a fan of most global settings. I prefer to have some granularity where it is possible.I wish many more settings were policy based in either client or Rep policy.

  • Guest commented
    24 Oct, 2017 05:06pm

    It sounds like there are similar but differing goals being presented. While I can't speak to the other goals without additional knowledge, we are most interested in simply being able to identify the various aspects of what the end users can see with our project name instead of only Bomgar. This would really go a long way towards helping us during discussions in-house. In-house discussions in our case have been associated with a project name. The project can include any various technologies most of which the end user neither knows about nor needs to. We are happy to see any "powered by Bomgar" type of language however we would also like the ability to have custom language in the mouse over that can be made more specific to our project names. This goes a long way towards our discussions. I spend endless hours with various clients during on-boarding trying to explain how Bomgar is a company and Remote Support is only one of several Bomgar products and how we have some of Bomgar's products as part of our Project. 

  • Guest commented
    24 Oct, 2017 04:24pm

    What are some examples of custom text you wish you could enter, and why?  Would you want to change it globally, for specific groups of Jump Clients, or for an individual Jump Client?

    Feel free to weigh in even if you haven't voted on this idea!

  • Guest commented
    24 Oct, 2017 01:31pm

    I think it depends on how you are providing support. Ideally the Button is used for Support and the Jump Client is used for Administration. If administration of a users system is needed outside of a support situation use of a Jump Point and pushing a Jump Client temporarily might be best. 


    As for the solution listed here, in general to be able to post a custom icon similar to the Button would be useful. Some custom mouse over text would be useful to help alleviate some of those out lying admin/support situations. I would however like to keep the existing text as is. Just adding some custom text might also be useful. 

  • Guest commented
    23 Oct, 2017 06:29pm

    That is correct. Users often do not understand why the icon is present or the meaning of the messaging and raise concern causing unnecessary tickets and wasted resources. Thanks!

  • Guest commented
    23 Oct, 2017 06:23pm

    Thanks for the comment, Jonathan.  We've heard this request quite a bit over the years and we always like to hear what problems you might be experiencing due to the way it works today.  For example, do you see an increase in support tickets because users do not like or understand why the Jump Client is on their system?

  • Guest commented
    23 Oct, 2017 05:49pm

    Specifically we would like to see the ability to change the hover text from the default “Bomgar Jump Client passively listening for Site Name” to a custom message or nothing at all. As well as the option to simply not have a tray icon.