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Report on Account Usage

Companies that invested in RED Identity Manager often have a need to first discover and report on where years and years worth of Active Directory accounts are being used before attempting to change passwords on them.  Obviously, this is a huge endeavor for admins and managers to tackle so the first thing anyone responsible with this task would want is a report on the complete list of accounts, their usage counts and where they are used at.  The second thing anyone would want to do is clean up that list of known unused accounts.  Right now, I can find that account "In Use" data in the management console but currently am unable to report on it via the web site.  Compliance Database reports for this are not there yet and seem to be geared for stats only on password changes.  Thus, I have had to spend hours on generating a spreadsheet for management to review - Create csv and then groom those reports into something more suitable for management to review.  As soon as I create a static report on this data, the content could be obsolete too.  I additionally don't need spreadsheet practices so I'd like to let the auditors get that information for themselves via the web page. 

So, I'd like to add the ability to report on account usage (per account and per server) to the Audit functionality of the web page.  Everything obviously is in the SQL DB so the content is there.  We just need the ability to report on it outside of the management console.  I could probably poke around and develop some internal resource based on this SQL data (outside of RED) but I would think that you could understand why we'd like it to be provided by the developers. 

We have had this product for years (Lieberman ERPM days) and quite honestly have never done anything with this expensive product but change local Administrator accounts.  Management wants a return on their investment but everyone realizes that we have to first "pop the seal" and see exactly what nastiness is under the hood.  Until we get over that, we're still using training wheels and can't get to the point where RED can actually provide some return on its investment.

Examples: Basically, provide a view and detailed info just like in management console views for auditing purposes

Audit - Account Summary - Management Set - All Windows Accounts (Name, Total Uses, Type, Last Usage)

Audit - Account Summary - Management Set - Per Account Details (Same as above but with All Discovered Uses)  

Audit - System Summary - Management Set - All Windows Systems (Name, Account Count, Type)

Audit - System Summary - Management Set - Per System Details ((Same as above but with All Discovered  Account Uses)

Additionally, the ability to provide scheduled reports on this data via e-mail would be nice too.

Thanks in advance.

  • Guest
  • Sep 21 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    21 Jun, 2019 08:19pm

    More reporting will be added within the next while. For the specific items in question, if you don't mind mining your database, the following query will return all service account usage that has been discovered:

    select * from tbl_itemWithAccountInfo

    Hope that helps for now - Chris

  • Admin
    Tal Guest commented
    21 Sep, 2018 05:29pm

    Thanks for the feedback, we are actively looking at ways to better improve the in product reporting capabilities and your feedback is helpful. It's possible that the legacy Lieberman System Management Tool can help generate related reports. If you are interested in looking at the tool please open a support ticket requesting access to it @