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This idea has been merged into another idea. To comment or vote on this idea, please visit T2EPM-I-164 Policy Editing Change Management.

Policy Version Control Merged

I would like to have the policy work like code in a Git Repository. We have one Master Branch that can not have commits, but only pull requests.

We would work of Branches from the Master and then create a pull request for merges into Master. this would allow us to make and test multiple changes at the same time and not have to worry when one change needs to be rolled back. We would also be able to push and emergency change ahead of other changes that are still being tested, rather then waiting for testing to complete.

  • Guest
  • Apr 8 2020
  • Under evaluation
  • Guest commented
    19 Jan 03:46pm

    Yes, this can be done with Github or other Solutions, but trying to train my team of non developers who edit the policy to use these solutions is not really feasible. having a built-in system that is easy to use for most is much better and more optimized

  • Guest commented
    5 Aug, 2020 05:04pm

    Repo integration for configuration management would be super helpful for a lot of configuration changes in addition to Remote Support Group Policies.

  • Guest commented
    4 Aug, 2020 09:09pm

    You can do this already, this isn't BeyondTrusts responsibility. You can use a CM tool like Github that you mentioned. All you have to do is export your policy, which is an xml file, and then commit/merge like you would for any other application. You just have to ensure you aren't committing code before code reviews.

  • Guest commented
    3 Aug, 2020 07:11pm

    This is an absolute must have. It's nearly impossible to know what changes we made from one policy to another unless there is only one admin that takes extremely detailed record of any and all changes and remembers to export the policy each and every time