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generate a PGCaptureConfig (PGCC) output using command line

generate a PGCaptureConfig (PGCC) output using command line.
ideally we would like script capturing PGCC.
Currently we have to run PGCaptureConfig can only ran using interactively we need a method to run from cmd line

  • Guest
  • Jun 14 2021
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    31 Aug 08:42am
    1. Pipelining. Output of one command can be the input to another. That is powerful.

    2. It’s significantly easier to automate via CLI than GUI.

    3. CLI uses less resources, so you can do more with the same hardware.

    4. Less distraction. Plain text on a solid background is a lot less distracting than visual developers following the latest trends which are a moving target. With GUI, the same task in the same application can change between versions. (I have ADHD, this is actually my primary reason for using the CLI; the web is an accessibility nightmare for us.)

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  • Guest commented
    31 Aug 08:42am

    As someone that just stumbled upon this reddit I'm blown away that you can do so much in the command line and "live" so to speak in it. At the same time I keep coming back to "why?" It seems so much harder than using UI based anything. Just the sheer amount of commands you have to have on call to be somewhat effective is burdensome to start.