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Ability to manage Workstyles with native Azure AD

We're seeing more and more MDM type solutions using Azure AD and solutions like Intune for on boarding and managing their corporate computers. Native Azure AD does not create or manage users with local user/groups only in the cloud so we need a way to be filter Workstyles using the Azure AD users/groups.   

  • Guest
  • Jul 10 2019
  • Released
  • Mar 24, 2021

    Admin response

    EPM now provides support for filtering workstyles on AAD group memberships. Currently this feature is limited to PM Cloud environments managing Windows endpoints, and will soon be expanded to include Mac endpoints, and support for on-premise deployments via BeyondInsight.

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  • Admin
    Kris Zentek commented
    30 Mar 08:01am

    We expect on-prem support in 2021. I'll update this thread when we have a more accurate timeline...

  • Guest commented
    29 Mar 09:00am

    thanks for updating this post!

    Is there any rough time plan available til we see it in on-prem BeyondInsight?

    Will you update this post as soon as it's available there?

    Thanks so much guys, best regards

  • Guest commented
    18 Mar 09:47am

    We're almost reaching Q2 2021 - any update on this topic? We require this urgently!

  • Admin
    Kris Zentek commented
    7 Jan 10:41am

    Development is progressing well, and we hope to add Azure AD based user group filtering to EPM Workstyles in Q1 of 2021!

  • Guest commented
    25 Jun, 2020 05:16am

    Over the last week, at least 3 customers asked about integration with AAD. They are lean on staff, would like to keep it this way and absolutely have no desire to host infrastructure on-prem, if they can help it.

  • Guest commented
    6 May, 2020 01:00am

    I have just encountered this issue with a customer implementation using PMfW 5.5 & BI, and now struggling to find a viable workaround to allow them the ability to use our QuickStart template with High/Med/Low Flexibility workstyles enabled.

  • Guest commented
    29 Apr, 2020 10:39am

    This is being asked in my demos more often than it's not these days and I fear we're already being seen as 'behind the curve' on capabities within AAD generally, but especially with EPM

  • Guest commented
    24 Apr, 2020 07:16pm

    I have multiple customers that use either AD/AAD hybrid or Azure AD exclusively. They don't like our approach of using PS scripts to replicated AAD user groups down to the local hosts. They want to see a native integration with AAD in EPM.

  • Guest commented
    2 Apr, 2020 04:07pm

    I hear this all the time, customers are moving to AzureAD only (not hybrid) and have no way of filtering the High/Med/Low flex workstyles.

    Not very useful when the workstyles map to user roles.
    Filtering by Intune groups has also came up in conversation.