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I Hate Service Now Support Portal

This has to be the worst support portal of any Vendor with the exception of Qualys. This portal is a tremendous step down from the old portal. I also don't understand why Ideas can limit the choices to 4 things but the support portal has many confusing names, old product categories or missing products.

It isn't only the customer that dislikes this product it is your own SUPPORT STAFF. I have spoken to people from both the BeyondTrust and Bomgar side and no one likes this beast.

The best feature is that I can no longer download all the pieces of the product that I pay for. Instead I have to go through the rate limited , by some other genius, beyondtrust updater application.

Please vote with me to get BT / Bomgar to replace this horrible portal.

  • Guest
  • Oct 30 2020
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  • Guest commented
    9 Apr 08:11pm

    Also, you can submit a ticket to have updates handed to directly instead of through Btupdater, especially in airgapped environments.

  • Guest commented
    9 Apr 08:11pm

    It's because they are still technically supporting older products. So people using those old products need to submit tickets under the correct name.

    I personally like it. It allows me to talk to a live chat room with their customer service. It gives me a timeline of chat history, it gives me access to my licenses and a decent download portal. There is a lot worse...