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Stop being so cheap. You can purchase a $400 a month 1GB line. Put your updater on a server somewhere. that you can get a cheap 1GB service. In this day and age it is unconscionable to take 2 hours to download a 500MB file.

I waste more time when I have to do SUPI, Appliance Management or BT updates. I already lost two hours for the AM and I am pushing an hour now with the 7.1 update.

If you are too cheap to buy an internet circuit start mailing out Secure USBs with the updates. You significantly raised the costs of maintenance this year where is that money going? Stock Holders? if so please give me the number of your Investor Relations so I can invest.

Can I get a rebate on my service for time lost because of your download site?

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  • Oct 30 2020
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