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Password Safe administrator delegations

Currently if we have to provide a user who is assigned for doing the operational task on password safe like onboarding assets/accounts/adding applications/adding functional accounts, at times processing smart rules which also doesn't work via other features enabled(btadmin is required) , we end up giving the full btadmin access where the user can fetch other account passwords and also, if the user access PAM for his server access, he can bypass via his btadmin access(bypassing approvals) and also, view other user recordings (sometimes passwords are not masked when the user types within command line etc in the recording even if masking is enabled) .It would be great to have delegated administrator roles like operator roles .Even the current ISA or auditor role, there are few reports which depend on the btadmin login (example(entitlement by user) (case nos: CS0939835) returns no records found). Please do consider this.

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  • Feb 17 2021
  • Future consideration
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