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Report - Provide a report of computers, latest attributes and export/save list

Report request to view a list of computers - latest information and export the list to csv, etc. For customers who require the ability to provide computer/software compliance infomation.

Feilds Requested

  • System Name, IP Address, Domain Name / Workgroup, Defendpoint agent version, Defendpoint Adapter Version, Authorization Date, Is Authorized, Last communication Date, OS Type, OS Platform, OS Version, OS Build Number, User Name, Group/Assignment Group, Policy Revision active on the end-point, Is Policy applied uptodate, Deactivated Status, Rejected Status, Last Agent Connect/Error status/Code, Is Laptop, Is vdi, 64 Bit OS

  • Guest
  • Mar 1 2019
  • Released
  • Aug 18, 2020

    Admin response

    We have a csv export funcion roadmapped for H1 2021

  • Attach files
  • Guest commented
    27 Jul 10:39pm

    We're on Remote Support version 21.2.3, the CSV report does not contain the OS Build Number.

    How can I get the OS Build Number included in the report?

  • Admin
    Peter Knight commented
    27 Apr 03:33pm

    PM Cloud will have csv export functionality on all the grids in the 21.4 release - looking forward to releasing this!

  • Guest commented
    14 Jun, 2019 01:47pm

    Upvote this - absolutely essential for a successful roll out and daily management. 

    Some requirements for our Internal Deployment include: 

    • Number of machines not contacted the cloud in X days
    • Number of machines with an out of date policy
    • Number of machines running version X of Agent and Adapter
    • Custom reports for things like Windows versions or Domain joined to

    The information for this is all available in the Management Database so should be a simple yet extremely effective and useful improvement to the overall PMC experience.