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Separate stonger authentication options for PBPS and BI Console (example SAML)

In an enterprise environment, the need for a dynamic setup is a must. For example, when running multiple UVM's and a BIG IP F5, the console role can be run anywhere as the loadbalancer will know where to send you. Like most setups, the password safe will have a different URL from the console. Example: pam.internal.corp and pamconsole.internal.corp.

This works perfectly when using the build in forms login. It's possible to have the passwordsafe role running on all out UVM's. We can change the console role when ever we want. All works seemingly. 
Except,.... when you setup a more secure way of authentication, like  SAML. 
As the current design hosts both passwordsafe and console in the same application and there is only one SAML setup possible, there is no way to get this to work. 
Only solution offered was to isolate one UVM to make that dedicated console. Which would mean one less passwordsafe worker node. Also more static setup so less flexible. Also the there might me no need for a complex load balance setup any more, as it became a static setup. 

One very easy solution would be to give the console it's own webapp. 

Atm there is only one present for SAML:
It would be easy to add a second, which has SAML configured for the console URL:


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  • Oct 1 2019
  • Future consideration
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  • Guest commented
    15 Feb 06:58am

    I guess this was overlooked with the new SAML implementation in 7.2.1.
    Now it is even worse, as all UVM's share the same settings and PBPS and BI cannot be seperated anymore.