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Allow Managed Systems smart group to reference the Asset Smart Group

Currently, there are two different areas of smart groups for assets. When you go into the Asset details, you see the Smart groups that were converted from old setups and configure management. When you go into the Managed Systems area details, you have another set of smart groups for those, which is great. But what you don't see, are the asset groups set for managing.

What this requests is a way to see both sets of smart groups that an asset belongs to for visibility.

Use Case:

I assign an asset to a smart group on the asset page to manage the password.

When researching an asset in the Managed System, based on my naming convention, I can quickly gauge what rule is controlling the asset. Based on other smart groups I have created, I know specific characteristics of that device. (That it is 2012 server, it is used as a File Server, It is in a particular Active Directory location, Division, Business Segment, Server type, has or doesn't have particular software installed, etc by groups),

I don't have that visibility in the Managed Systems page. I would have to filter for the same asset in the assets tab, to then go back to the Managed Systems tab for other setup like Managed Accounts, unless creating duplicate Smart Groups for both places for the same info, which seems redundant.

I would like the ability to do that, but more need the ability to see the Asset Smart Groups as well as the Managed System Smart Groups. (Possibly in another area under Advanced Details would be fine. Two categories: Managed Systems Smart Groups, Assets Smart Groups.

  • Avatar32.5fb70cce7410889e661286fd7f1897de Guest
  • Apr 9 2020
  • Future consideration
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