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All Oracle db server Assets, Databases, and Managed Accounts (SYS/SYSTEM & End Users) should be onboarded & managed automatically via Smart Rules

Oracle is a wide-spread database technology and adoption of the multi-tenant approach is increasing. We currently have various types of database technologies and none of them automatically scan nodes/databases through smart-rules where they're on-boarded through scans. A few flavors of Oracle are standalone DB w/ multitenant; standalone DB w/o multitenant; RAC w/o multitenant; RAC w/multitenant (existing cluster); RAC w/multitenant (separate cluster); and standalone w/o multitenant. It would be great to have these auto on-boarded similar to how Windows or Linux machines are scanned. The process is tedious and extremely manual since our environment consistently changes (clones and separate temporary project support environments). Having to manually add each database and its set of users is not optimal since there are hundreds of each use case. Please fully automate the Oracle on-boarding process for each type of database.

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  • Jul 31 2020
  • Under evaluation
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