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Suggestion regarding "Idea"

I saw all of I created "Ideas" was put to "Future consideration", I have no idea what is that mean, is that another word of "you idea is useless, we will put it aside " , I never see any ideas was said adopted or get notification from your system said ideas was completed and please update to latest fix .

I have been told that system will put ideas in board, and customer will vote , and then Beyond trust will then select most voted ideas.

This is ridiculous thoughts, Safe is not a millions customer used consumer product , how many customer will have time to review ideas, it is your responsibility not customer to determine this. Customer has no obligation to take your responsibilities.

I feel very disappointment of this system. I have raised 10 ideas since we use Safe from 2020. each of them is important to our company, those ideas are feed back from real company environment and not the use case that your architecture think as their wish .

I did not get any feed back: idea was discard ? idea was implemented ? idea was adopted and will be implement within xxx month ? what will you think if you raise lots of suggestion to a company but no action take .. will you think this is a company really focus on customer requirement ?

I knew Beyond trust try learn from famous successful company that focus on customer , but what is the point that your system just gather customer's idea and no any action --- you may do hard work clock around , but looks not to me after one year usage.

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  • May 3 2021
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