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Several Enhancements to Rep Console

The following enhancements would be welcomed if possible. Lot of these are brought on from the new working from home solutions companies are following. Some are just overall enhancements which would be helpful from in office or at home.

  1. Chat session with Customer Absent time for more than 5 mins should get highlighted in Red color on console view and engineers working on these sessions should start getting screen and sound alerts with 5 min frequency, to remind them to close these sessions. This would be for chats where the end user stopped responding and is no longer there but left the chat window opened.

  2. Total Engineer Login/Logoff Time (duration date wise) with Auto assign on/off(duration date wise) Time details in Report. For managers to track engineers time they are logged in or out and determine the time they have auto assign turned on/off. Some sort of quick way to check this within the rep console especially with the work from home environments we have now. Additionally, tracking break times where rep user can go on break and this be tracked.

  3. System gives a link to all the past history of user chat Thumbs up/down, Short description details in live chat. Basically a way to quickly see a history of chats from the user with customer satisfaction results (thumbs up/down) to understand the customer better and more quickly resolve their issues.

  4. Chat View by Market, Country etc - info to be available in Console view and as a Report. This would help engineers determine if there is a regional issue or we could report over time (reporting idea enhancement) the issues from each market/location/region.

  5. If company is integrated with ServiceNow have the chat which has been opened and an incident that was created in ServiceNow, the rep console would also open the incident in the engineers browser as they accept the chat. This could be an optional button or link that the chat engineer could click on if/when required to open up the incident in ServiceNow as they chat with their customers.

  6. Audio call in and out feature - Have a way to within the rep console be able to directly call your customer if required. Sometimes chat just isn't enough or if something happens to the end users machine and they start a chat from a secondary device to get support they could enter a phone call so the engineer can discuss with the customer what is happening to their laptop/device.

  7. Speech to text option within chats which can be turned on/off based on the rep users preference.

  8. Chat disconnections - way of identifying which end was disconnected and why. This will help determine if there is an issue at the customers end or reps end. Again, working from home has triggered this.

  9. Suggestive text (auto complete) available in chats

  10. ServiceNow KB article integration with chats. Have the ability to link KB's from ServiceNow to the customers quickly and easily.

  • Guest
  • Feb 26 2021
  • Future consideration
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