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Allow a choice of default authentication and improve authentication UI experience

We use SAML authentication, via Shibboleth and Duo.

Currently, every time a user logs in, they need to choose "SAML Authentication" at the bottom.  The user is then taken to another page which displays the "Bomgar" banner and an orange "Login" button.  There is a several second delay at this page before the user is eventually redirected to the SAML IdP.  Users often click that "Login" button, which interrupts the SAML process and throws an error to the user from the IdP.  Users then suspect that authentication is down and call the Help Desk or wait and try again later.

Our instructions to users are along the lines of "At the login page, don't login there, first click on SAML Authentication, then you'll see another orange Login button, don't click that either, wait for our institution login page to appear".  It is tedious and unintuitive.

Allow a default Authentication Method to be chosen.  In our case, let SAML be default with the option to login with a local account at the bottom.
Decrease the delay or eliminate the unnecessary "Login button" intermediary page.

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  • Jun 13 2019
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  • Guest commented
    23 Apr, 2020 10:32am

    This is an important consideration for our organization who want to default to SAML only authentication.
    The option to default to a single login type should be there and then allow the users to have a link to other login options (similar to how the other login options are shown today).