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Bomgar report schedule on mail -Bomgar utilization,support session,presentation and license cousumption report to be schedule on particular mail.

We received requirement from our client for scheduling bomgar report to particular mail id, it will help management to get the scheduled bomgar utilization ,session utilization report and to total presesntation and session shared report of scheduled time to particular mail id it will also help management to analysys the bomgar reports

  • Guest
  • Apr 5 2020
  • Under evaluation
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  • Guest commented
    20 Apr 10:00am

    That's great! This will come in handy for a lot of people!

    For me it is important to systematize and optimize all work processes, so I keep everything under control and know when I can relax and enjoy my favorite games from and I know when to put all my efforts into action.

  • Guest commented
    11 Jun, 2020 07:24am

    Dear Team,

    This report need to scheduled on email to Axisbank management Team as well as Team manager(Ex.1-Axis VDI Team memebr who is using Bomgar report will be schedule to VDI Team manager same for other Team member)

    Report Should include below detail in summarized.

    1-Total presentation,support session,Max license utilized,recording session link,Top 10 user who has max used Bomgar based on time duration user active in Bomgar.

    2-Report should be customized(We can schedele it for 7 days, 30 days as per our requirement).

    3-Report should have a feature to schedule it a particular Team Memebr mail id(ex. Team1 has 10 memebr who is using Bomgar and Team2 has 20 member who is using Bomgar then report schedule for Team1 will received detail of only 10 Team memebr which comes under Team1 and Team2 will receive only 20 Team member report which comes under Team2)

    4-If dash board possible you can add in existing Bomgar we can't go for seperate license for dashboard,Schedule report required.

    Please Add any other thing which give a better showcase to management.

    Ramesh Kumar
    DLP Support
    T: +91-22-71312428/29
    Supervisor No: 022-6217 2426

    For calls related to DLP Email & USB Whitelisting, please raise a Unidesk ticket by following the steps as mentioned below:-

    Steps to raise DLP ticket:

    (a) Login on the Unidesk Ticketing tool by accesing the URL as mentioned below:-

    URL :
    Login : AD login (Windows Login).
    Password : AD Password

    (b) After succesfull login, select on Submit Request
    (c) Select Service Type as "information system & security" --> Under Category select DLP (for DLP related issue) --> Click on Issue
    (d) Select an Issue for which ticket needs to be raised With attach approval of SVP or Above (for email/URL whitelisting its only valid for one year and for USB one day.).

    Note:- (i) Tickets not concerned with DLP will be returned back.

    Logging of calls for DLP on Unidesk facilitates easy tracking and follow up for pending status.
    Contact us on:- 022-6217-2428

  • Admin
    Duane Simms commented
    10 Jun, 2020 01:13pm

    Would this be sent to the appliance administrator or would this need to have the ability to input what email it would goto? How many reports would you want to create if this option existed or would a dashbord work better for a HUD (Heads Up Display) give the same effect?

  • Guest commented
    6 Apr, 2020 07:00am

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