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PRA Web Jump and PWS Integration for custom platform and SSH stored credentials

PRA ability to check out credentials stored in a PWS custom platform. Currently only PWS Windows and Website platforms supported in PRA web jump.

  1. Customer to manage credentials in PWS with a Custom Platform (AXIS IP cameras)

    1. This custom platform is SSH based, and signs in with root as the functional account, and runs a command to change the managed account (web only). With this command (rm -f /tmp/response.txt && shttpclient -o /tmp/response.txt -u functionaccount -w functionaccountpassword '’ && cat /tmp/response.txt)

    2. We are able to successfully store and rotate the credentials in PWS

  2. Customer now wants to check out those web only accounts using PRA. So that vendors can use them for maintenance

    1. Customer wants to use web jumps due to the security and ease of access from 443

    2. Vendors will only be using the managed accounts to only log into a web URL, but those credentials will still be rotated in PWS

I have the same setup for our call, but instead of a adding the System in PWS as a “Website” platform. I added it as a Custom Platform called “GNU Linux” (SSH based), but no credentials are showing up in PRA when I create a matching hostname.

The admin01 account is a web only account on the device. The custom platform (SSH based) signs in as root and runs a command to change the web only account

With the same setup, I cannot get the credentials to show up. It only works if I create a PWS Website platform, and not a Custom Platform.

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  • Sep 29 2020
  • Released
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